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A Lifestyle of Fitness

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With school, career and family we can often neglect opportunities to move our bodies.

Driving, sitting behind a desk, watching TV are taking more and more of our time.

Lack of activity is the one of the main causes of the growing crisis of obesity in the U. S.

Let me show you fun and effective ways to increase your activity, manage your weight, gain lean weight and ensure the healthiest lifestyle as you age.

Your progam design will be based on your current fitness level and bring you along systematically, to your optimal performance level.

Why Choose
A Lifestyle of Fitness?


By keeping your workouts challenging, you will be
motivated to reach new levels of fitness. Your
workout is a reward in itself.


Being accountable to meeting your trainer is an
excellent way to establish a commitment to regular


Tony has the knowledge and expertise to guide you
on the right path to your goal. He will keep you
abreast of the latest techniques and information.


Your program must be adjusted as your level of fit-
ness increases to keep your body challenged. Tony,
your Personal Trainer, knows when & how much
progression is needed to achieve maximal results.


Learn proper form and techniques to avoid injury for
a safe and fun workout.



Tony Salinaro, CPT, NASM, RRCA & USATF Coach

"As a certified trainer and run coach I have successfully
worked with all age groups and fitness levels. I am eager to share my knowledge with you!"
"I would be delighted to answer your questions about any of my weight-management, fitness and sports-training services."
Telephone: 925-757-7531 E-mail: runfitter46@gmail.com.