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In Virtural Reality.
In these days of Shelter in Place I am reaching out to those seeking guidance but cannot get to a fitness facility. With one-on-one video conferencing I can create effective services on-line. The low cost is, of course, an added benefit. For those seeking weight loss, recent studies have shown a well-designed on-line program is very effective in helping people to lose weight.
"Logging on more frequently was associated with better weight loss..." says the lead researcher, Deborah F. Tate, assistant professor of psychiatry and human behavior in the Brown University Medical School. Read more at
Weight Loss Research. Discounted pricing for Virtual Sessions are now at $38/hour or $28/30 mins. 

You Will Receive:

Fitness Evaluation
Digital Mobile Training Plan
  Scheduled video sessions for personal coaching


You can reach me by phone at (925)-757-7531. Leave your name, telephone number and a brief message.Or you may e-mail me at runfitter46@gmail.com.