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You, I know, want all the best for your children, mentally, socially and, in addition,  a healthy lifestyle.
If your child is overweight or obese he/she is going to be facing more challenges in these aspects of life, than those of normal weight.
Only 2 percent of our kids are eating healthy diets based on USDA recommendations. A survey of High School seniors showed only 3 of 10 report eating vegetables nearly everyday, and a quarter of those were french fries or chips.
With current trends continuing, the effects of childhood obesity may reduce averagle life span by 5 years or more over the next several decades. 
Childhood obesity is skyrocketing with the lack of physical activity. One in four children doesn't participate in any free-time physical exercise, while USDHHS recommends 60 minutes every day.
TV viewing corrolates with this, along with video play and computer use. A couple of studies that tracked kids from birth, over many years, found that TV viewing habits, established as a child, predict the risk of obesity well into adulthood.
Kids used to snack once a day, thirty years ago. Today the trend is toward three a day. These add an average of 300 calories per day.
There is evidence that overweight children miss more school than those at a healthy weight. Beside illness, factors that affect the overweight may be teasing, bullying and fear of participating in sports.
The risk factor for heart disease is 70 percent higher for obese kids,  via high cholesterol or high blood pressure .
52 percent of the newly diagnosed  cases of childhood and adolescent asthma are associated with overweight and obesity. 
Health care cost to the families of obese children are about $14 billion per year.
If you are concerned about your child's fitness and health, there's no better time than now to get guidance and intervene to turn a bad trend around. As a Youth Exercise Specialist of National Academy of Sports Medicine, an effective and fun program can be created.  


Personal Nutrition Programming

**The Silver Program** (8 weeks)
Along with the personalized nutrition counseling this program puts you with your personal trainer once a week for 4 weeks and then once every other week for a total of 6 sessions! You will go deeper into the details of exercise techniques and specialized routines can be developed to enhance your workouts. You will get:

1 Fitness Evaluation/Personalized Nutrition Plan
6 Personal Training Sessions
7 One-on-One counseling sessions
4 Biometric Measurements
 1 Daily Exercise/Nutrition Journal
1 Nutrition & Exercise Reference Manual


**The Gold Program** (12 weeks)
You have made up your mind. You are determined to go for it all! This is our "no-nonsense", hands-on approach to making significant lifestyle changes. It's designed to ensure your commitment level stays strong in order to reach your goals for success. You'll have counseling sessions once a week and work out with your trainer twice a week for a month, then once per week in the second and third months. This "fitness camp" approach is a one-way ticket to Successville!!


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